Tuesday, March 15
10:30 to 11:15
Plaza Mayor - Gran Salon

Where can innovation be found next? That is the question that Rebeca Hwang invited session listeners to respond to with the panel of guests including Luis Fernando Castro, president of Bancóldex, Elmira Bayrasli author of From the Other Side of the World: Extraordinary Entrepreneurs and Unlikely Placesand Chris Schroeder, author of Startup Rising.

There is growing a network of innovators who are not just in Silicon Valley, but who are building startups around the world with video technology and other tools that foster a new understanding of consumer goods, and thus are transforming narratives where they live.

Chris Schroeder said something that has affected this distribution is that people with investment capital are taking care of each other, investing in projects. However, there is now an emerging new generation of sponsors seeking joint benefitit -- a look at the entrepreneurs of tomorrow -- because this model does not seek to replicate Silicon Valley, rather it focuses on taking existing references to create an ecosystem that solves problems and caters to needs. 

You need to do a scan of the producing abilities of each place, identify which companies may have the potential to migrate to a more sophisticated economy, because without a doubt, what is lacking is currently new funding models. In turn, there is something important about the perseverance of entrepreneurs, and knowing that the important thing is to recover in times of crises, and this is ultimately what strengthens and reaffirms a venture and the ecosystem itself, says Luis Fernando Castro, in regarding working logic used in Bancóldex.

Rebeca Hwang
Rivet Ventures

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Christopher Schroeder
Startup Rising

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Elmira Bayrasli
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