Wednesday, March 16
09:00 to 09:50
Plaza Mayor - Gran Salon

How do you think like an entrepreneur? How do you teach entrepreneurship? How to educate students about entrepreneurship at a higher level? These are questions that Bill Aulet, managing director at the Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship at MIT, began his keynote presentation with. He said an entrepreneur must have three essential characteristics: they need to be open and use common language; be systemic and presscriptive; and also to be rigourous but practical. 

Aulet emphasized entrepreneurship as a merit-based system, and he spoke of the need for technology transfer that may lead to the creation of new products and technology-based companies.  

Similarly, the Aulet also said that entrepreneurship is more viable when entrepreneurs have all of the relevant tools, and also hopes that entrepreneurship will be taught to everyone all over the world to provide them with paths of exploration that will improve their -- and the world's -- quality of life. 

Speaker Bios: 
Bill Aulet
Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

United States