Tuesday, March 15
14:00 to 16:00
Plaza Mayor - Comisiones 6

Amisha Miller, from the Kauffman Foundation moderated the panel and began the session discussing the background of accelerators in Europe and the United States, where in the past three years the number of accelerators and hub has increased exponentially. 

It is important to note that many accelerators have different focuses and are increasingly fluid and chaning in what they do, focusing on specific areas including mentoring and education programs. The role of accelerators is providing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem a major public foundation. According to figures released by the U.S. nearly 92 percent of entrepreneurs who are part of these programs say they are satisfied and enjoy them. In short, the accelerators provide information to businesses to help them know what they should and shouldn't do to start and scale, so as to increase success and sustainability. 

Saurabh Lall, an expert and researcher on this topic, invited entrepreneurs to understand the practical effects of accelerators and know how how they look and how to apply for these accelerator programs. For this it is necessary to know that accelerators need effort, time and money, and are also often supported by agencies, corporations and public foundations. 

He also mentioned it is important to note the differences and similarities between the accelerators, as well as what their impact measurement, which models are working, and which are not, and to take into account other issues such as gender and equity investment; in short, understand that there are different models and it is essential to compare.

The session closed with an informational panel where expert company executives, founders and accelerator leaders, spoke about their experiences and accelerator models. 

Amisha Miller
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Speaker Bios: 
Mariano Amartino


Mike LaRhette
MassChallenge Inc.

United States

Susan Amat
Venture Hive

United States

Saurabh Lall
Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs

United States

Matthew Guttentag
Donna Harris

United States