Managing Partner

Dr. Yossi Bahagon is an active family physician who founded and managed the digital health division at Clalit Health Services – the second largest health maintenance organization in the world. Clalit’s digital health platform became an international benchmark in vision, strategy and execution aspects, being used by over 2 million monthly users, who generate over 4 million monthly interactions. Following Clalit, Yossi founded Luminox, a strategic digital health consulting firm and startup hub that served the largest international pharma, healthcare providers and insurers companies. Yossi handpicked and seeded six successful digital health startups. These startups grew in aggregate value from single digit to hundreds of millions in the last 4 years, and were backed by leading VCs and corporate funds including Philips, Qualcomm Ventures, Orbimed, Walgreens, Fuson Pharma and Pitango.

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