Founder, Paper Napkin Wisdom

A relentless gene was passed down to Govindh - it is almost as if he was destined to be an entrepreneur. Born in Ottawa, Canada, to parents who were both entrepreneurs. His father was one of the early pioneers in solar and alternative energy, and his mother is an accountant for entrepreneurs. That never-say-die attitude has continued to help Govindh be a successful portfolio entrepreneur now running four companies; he started his first as an 18 year-old. Govindh has been called "A Modern Day Napoleon Hill" for his work in creating Paper Napkin Wisdom. Not surprisingly, his goals are lofty: Show people everywhere how they can be successful, and change the world in the process. He knows firsthand the value of shared wisdom and his hope is that the book and its ideas are transformational. "Most people are not going to have to dig themselves out of as big a ditch as I had to," he says. "What if they just started on level ground? What could happen then?” Govindh lives in Ottawa with his wife, Stacey, and children Janesh, Shreya, and Ajay.