Founder & CEO
German Schäfer is the Founder, Inventor and CEO of Bioprocol – Biodiverse Chemistry - Bioprocess Engineer, M.Sc. in Science, Technology and Innovation Management. PhD. Candidate in Chemical Eng. 15 years in operations and executive positions.

Schäfer is a highly trained researcher and past recipient of the Recognition Award in the program: Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World 2011 (TOYP) of the Junior Chamber of Colombia – Medellín, being selected as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Antioquia in the line of Scientific and Technological Development.

He created the All-Natural luxury cosmetics brand IDONA – Ideas of Nature – with unique Colombian super fruits derived multifunctional ingredients. Currently, German is a Visiting Scientist at Purdue University in Indiana, working with Distinguished Professor Dr. Michael Ladisch (Director of LORRE), in projects related to biodiversity, sustainability, advanced research with plants, bioprocesses, entrepreneurship, human health and wellbeing.

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