Chair of NEXUS Lab on Entrepreneurship Education
Felipe Amaral is the co-founder and partner of Semente, a Brazilian entrepreneurship education and investing company and the Chair of NEXUS Lab on Entrepreneurship Education. Nexus is one of the largest network of international young philanthropists and impact investors in the world having membership from over 70 countries, representing families’ worth over $500 Billion. In the last seven years Felipe has founded four enterprises: Eureka, an educational program to help young students build their own career; Net Impact Porto Alegre, the first brazilian chapter of Net Impact, an international network of impact-driven businesses and professionals; Estaleiro Liberdade, a (un)school for aspiring entrepreneurs to create businesses with purpose and Semente, a company that designs and delivers innovative industry-focused entrepreneurship programs in Latin America and then invests in the best “graduated” ventures. These enterprises impacted and inspired more than 9.000 entrepreneurs. That’s what Felipe is been dedicating his professional carrier on and his goal is to scale this impact throughout the world, especially in emerging ecosystems.

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