Tuesday, March 15
14:00 to 16:00
Plaza Mayor - Comisiones 3+4

Creating communities of entrepreneurship is one of the primary needs for the development of an ecosystem of local entrepreneurship. Medellin is an example of this, said Steven Rodriguez, GEN's startup community manager, who also argues that one way to strengthen a network of entrepreneurs in a country, is to first strengthen the entrepreneurial network in a city, then expand connections nationwide. 

Rodriguez identified four key pillars that are important in building a strong startup community. First, communities must be managed by the entrepreneurs, so that the community does not rely on a single centralized entity; Second, the community must have long-term vision, because in many cases the development of a successful community may take up to twenty years; third, you should think in terms of inclusion, not just for people who know entrepreneurship, but for all levels of those intersted and engaged; for the more people interested in the venture linking communities, greater diffusion potential will; and finally, motivational activities that go beyond networking and social events -- like Startup Huddle -- that provide skills and a way for the entrepreneur to move their needle forward.  



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