Wednesday, March 16
14:30 to 16:30
Plaza Mayor - Comisiones 7+8+9

The session featured a panel of speakers from both public and private organizations, and the conversation focused on the topic of public-private partnerships and their importance to growing and strengthening the global entrepreneurial ecosystem. Panelists provided examples and expressed the benefits of these partnerships through examples from Colombia, Israel and the United States. 

According to the guests, building such partnerships help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and improve their processes. The panelists also emphasized the need to clarify goals, objectives and expectations of both the public and private parties prior to entering into a commitment for a successful partnership. 

After the talk, the speakers shared some of their experiences and lessons learned related to their work in public-private partnerships, where they highlighted the search for a team and relevant partners according to the needs of entrepreneurs, as well as the importance of being flexible and having a sense of adaptability that enables them to contribute to build relationships and stronger and successful partnerships.

SPARK Global Entrepreneurship was born out of the White House Global Entrepreneurship Summit as a way to convene the world’s leading voices in supporting entrepreneurship. The global coalition commits to supporting open dialogue and cross promotion, to contributing resources and networks, and uniting to create opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive. 

John-Mark Davidson
Entrepreneurs' Organization


Speaker Bios: 
Carlos Villa
Adrienne Palmer
Entrepreneurs' Organization
Thomas Lersten
US Department of State
Ayla Matalon
MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel