Tuesday, March 15
14:00 to 16:00
Plaza Mayor - Gran Salon 6

Jerry Michalski, director of REX (Relationship Economy Experience), invited participants to reflect on the definition of value -- because to him, it is important to go beyond the initial perception of the tangible and superficial definition of value is, and incited participants to explore invisible value, or values that are immersed in an activity, a purpose, an object, a brand, an idea or a company.

Along with this idea of invisible value, he said the definition of value is rooted in the economikc model in which society is bound, and Michalski highlighted the role of what he referred to as the various economies, and its impact on the development of social interactions and the value assigned to objects and experiences. 

Within "the various economies," Michalski makes a journey through economic models ranging from the current market-oriented model, which according to the speaker, has hindered generations of interactions and spaces that allow dialogue and exchange of knowledge. In contrast to the model of market orientation, Michalski recommends "The Relationship Economy" or economy of relations, where human interactions can help fill the knolwedge gap and inlcudes an integration of sources from multiple places. 

Speaker Bios: 
Jerry Michalski

United States