Tuesday, March 15
09:00 to 09:15
Plaza Mayor - Gran Salon

The work around entrepreneurship and the 2016 GEC can be seen as an exercise based on an extensive conversation regarding economic growth, and the emerging social of new firm formation and innovative entrepreneurs. The conversation also covers new questions and challenges from entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial perspective. How can we use entrepreneurship to improve the life of citizens around the world? Where should entrepreneurs and entrepreneur support organizations start? Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) President Jonathan Ortmans helps kick-off the GEC with a throrough overview of the next generation entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In the presentation, Ortmans said that today, entrepreneurship is about people, whereas before it focused predominantly on making money. He argued that entrepreneurs are currently focused on introducing new ideas that have social value, which can enforce effective functions and meet needs in society, because finally the culture of entrepreneurship is transforming the world into a collection of community initiatives to create value and economic growth. That is, whenever you have a new idea, this should be developed by putting in place the social value axis to achieve the best out of the ecosystem.

The (GEN) network is currently comprised of millions of entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, policymakers and entrepreneurship supporters from around the world, who from a principle of intervention and interference in research and entrepreneurship policies, seek to transform business models and make creating a new firm easier and simpler. At this time, Colombia is positioned as a regional and international leader in entrepreneurship transformation -- as the country builds it's already innovatinve ecosystem that cancontinue to generate policies that strengthen the its social value and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Speaker Bios: 
Jonathan Ortmans
Global Entrepreneurship Network

United States