Wednesday, March 16
08:45 to 09:00
Plaza Mayor - Gran Salon

Dane Stangler, vice president of policy and research for the Kauffman Foundation, addressed in this session the current challenges and four changes that companies and cities in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation must take.

He first mentioned technological changes and how to understand technological opportunities. Second, he spoke of demographic changes, referring to the current phenomena of migrationand the aging population. Third, Stangler spoke about climate change, which must be assumed as a massive challange, and a challenge to innovate through adaptation. It is an opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs to resolve issues of agriculture and climate change.

Fourth, Stangler said in regard to political change, he argued that entrepreneurs do not like to deal with political issues, but it is necessary that governments have an open dynamic to the entrepreneurial industry; that is one of the objectives of the ministerial meeting held under the GEC 2016.

These changes are often viewed as challenges, and Stangler invites people to address them through entrepreneurship.

Speaker Bios: 
Dane Stangler
Kauffman Foundation

United States