Tuesday, March 14
13:00 to 13:50
Sandton Convention Centre - Pavilion Level 5

Bob Dorf, Serial Entrepreneur & Author, "The Startup Owner's Manual"

Whether you’re starting a social venture or the latest online commerce juggernaut, every startup of every stripe must brilliantly mix these three ingredients to build a company that is repeatable, scalable and profitable. Right from the global-bestselling Startup Owner’s Manual, co-author Bob Dorf will walk you through these three vital commandments on the road to startup success:

  1. Find and Brilliantly Solve a Nasty, Costly Problem
  2. Help your Customers Guide You to Product/Market Fit
  3. Get Customers at Increasing Speed and Decreasing Cost-Per-Customer

Let’s face it. Despite the excitement, most startups fail—almost always because they couldn’t find enough customers. Let your customers guide your path as you strive to reduce barriers, find and fix failure points, and optimize your chance for long-term success.  


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Bob Dorf
Co-author, "The Startup Owner's Manual"

United States