Ffty world-class innovators in food, agtech and agriculture will compete for the title of Agripreneur of the Year at the third Future Agro Challenge Global Championship Competition. The FAC championship competition will be held during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Johanesburg, South Africa on March 15. 

The Future Agro Challenge is a global initiative to discover fundable ventures in food, agtech and agriculture from farm to table. In just three years, FAC has managed to mobilize participation from more than 60 countries across five continents -- working to identify ground-breaking agro-initiatives that address national, regional and global challenges across the food supply chain. 

“The food chain is broken. We need a bottom-up approach to identifying new and sustainable solutions to current and future challenges,” said Carla Tanas, the co-founder of Future Agro Challenge. “Innovators, who have submitted high-caliber applications to the FAC, are positioned to help us address those challenges. Agripreneurs must be on the frontline and the FAC ecosystem, including all our national stakeholders are committed to help them succeed.

The 2015 Future Agro Challenge winner was VACuCh, an antibacterial milk liner that mitigates bovine mastitis and reduces the amount of bacteria in milk.

Nicolás Morelli, Coo at VaCuCh, last year’s winner, explained that through this experience, the firm has managed to sell their milk liner to its first formal client. “We have been contacted by all the big players in the Chilean industry; distributors, huge dairies, veterinarians, etc. We are negotiating with providers to produce our master batch and organising all the operations with the joint venture with the Argentinian manufacturer to satisfy this demand. And the media attention keeps on going!”

In 2015, FAC received Global VIP Recognition, and Bermuda Aerial Media, the global winner of FAC 2014, was invited to visit the White House. 

This year, Future Agro Challenge is partnering with Securing Water for Food: A Grand Challenge for Development for the Global Agripreneurs Summit 2017, a four-day event that connects innovators with investors and key stakeholders in the food and agribusiness sector.

The Global Agripreneurs Summit is hosted in part by Industry Disruptors, Industrial Development Corporation, Sida through the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the South African Department of Science and Technology, also a co-host of the GEC.

The Summit provides participants with access to:
  • Investor matchmaking and funding opportunities
  • Like-minded start-ups, industry leaders and potential clients
  • Business models and strategies’ evaluations with mentors
  • An innovation marketplace
  • Recognition awards through the FAC Global Championships
  • International media

Startups competing at the third FAC Global Championships include: 8Villages, Adaptive Symbiotics Technologies, AgroCenta, Agron Solutions, Agruppa, AquaFarm Ltd., aQysta, Asgard Project, Aybar Engineering, BRCK Education, Cassava Biomass, CityCrop, Conservation South Africa, CSABateke Project, EM3 Agri Services, Farm Fresh Online, FutureWater, Green Heat, Green Path, Guano Fertilizer Mozambique, HappyFarmer, International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), ICU Jordan, ICU Peru, Ignitia, Karaw Craftventures, LARBE Project, MetaMeta/Salt Farm Texel, MIT Tata, MUHR Natural Products (Wild Garden Project), My Rain, Nutrishake Andino, Osma Hassan Ali Tabid, Platinum Compost, Practical Action Bangladesh, Ranch Du Sahel, Real Agricultural Solutions For Africa, Reel Gardening, Refill Dominicana, Revolution Agriculture, Save Our Agriculture, Seed Forward, Semila, Si Technologies, Smart Villages, Smart Watering, Taqa Solutions, Water Governance Institute, World Hope, and Zenvus.

Submitted by Future Agro Challenge.