As part of the Road to the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, this March, GEN South Africa speakers and representatives focused on the GEC topic of Digital Disruption with more than 150 young entrepreneurs and stakeholders in Lagos, Nigeria.

Speakers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders gathered at the Civic Centre in Lagos, where speakers such as the general manager of Microsoft Nigeria, Karim Ramadan, and the executive director of the Fate Foundation, Adenike Adevemi, delivered an address on “Digital Transformation and Disruption.”

This year’s GEC theme will explore the buzz phrase “digital disruption,” which is transforming economies and making vast improvements in industries around the world – but also requires leaders from all parts of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to be more nimble and adapt.

“The African Union’s Agenda of 2063 speaks about Africans moving away from the syndrome of coming up with great ideas, but with no significant achievement,” said Kizito Okechukwu, executive head of SEA Africa. “Given that the Congress will be hosted for the first time in Africa, we believe that it is imperative we meet with stakeholders from the leading powerhouses representing East and West Africa. Our visit further aims to bolster the energies on the ground, among young and aspiring entrepreneurs to register for GEC 2017, make the trip to Johannesburg and experience South Africa.”

The topic “digital disruption” was presented to stakeholders and young entrepreneurs of the Nigerian community as part of the GEC 2017 Johannesburg roadshows, which kicked-off in Nairobi, Kenya, last month. The roadshows spearheaded by the Global Entrepreneurship Network, SEA Africa and GEC partners which include Absa, Transnet, Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Hollard and many more. The aim of the road shows is to drum-up support among stakeholders, with the respective regions, to register and participate in the upcoming GEC 2017. 

This is an exciting time for Africa, and we already have confirmed key Nigerian delegation attending the event in Johannesburg,” said Olawale Anifowose, from GEN Nigeria. “Nigerians generally are entrepreneurial in spirit and are able to identify opportunities to start businesses globally. We look forward to coming to South Africa.”

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