Tuesday, March 15
16:00 to 18:00
Plaza Mayor - Gran Salon 3

Future Agro Challenge (FAC) is the largest global competition that discovers innovative fundable food, agtech, and agriculture ventures from various corners of the globe addressing national, regional and global challenges. FAC provides key tools and opportunities to help them grow their business and expand them into new markets. FAC is working to make a difference on a global level by increasing interaction among agro innovators, entrepreneurs and stakeholders, by addressing national policies and challenges. The 2016 Future Agro Challenge winner was VACuCh, an anibacterial milk liner that mitigates Bovine Mastitis and reduces the amount of bacteria in milk. 

So far, in just two years, FAC has more than 40 countries from five continents, and has received more than 2,000 applications from startups all over the world. FAC has offered a podium to 20 startups to pitch their idea live in from of a global audience, while it has already awarded more than 10 innovative startups with 500.000 € of private funding. 
In 2015, the Global Winner of FAC 2014, was invited to the White House. Below are listed this year's finalists from 10 different countries: Chile, Greece, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Russia and Sudan. 
CowLar is a smart collar for cows designed to help farmers improve dairy herd health, optimize operations and boost milk yields, which has a positive impact on farmer incomes.
CropXis the world's first fully-automated software-as-a-service solution that boosts crop yield and saves water, applying just the right amount of water to different parts of the same field.
Jashyl Charba is a system which allows users to remotely follow the temperature, humidity and air atmosphere in a greenhouse.
Evaptainers is the world's first mobile "zero-energy" refrigeration systems that are ideal for low-income, off-grid areas.
Ava’s Farm is a business-to-peer (B2P) e-commerce website, focused on small-scale productions of food products. 
Kuchara is amobile app where with just one touch, consumers can order organic food, freshly harvested, directly from the farmer.
Elementaree is a service that creates personalized food plans based on customer's taste, biological and health needs, lifestyle and then delivers all the ingredients needed for the food plan, already washed and cut.
Harvesting is a harvesting machine specialized to harvest Gum hashab.
Speaker Bios: 
Camilo Santa
Jorge Karadima
Alicia Robb
Kauffman Foundation
Luis Fernando Castro


Mariano Mayer
Ministry of Production