Wednesday, March 16
12:00 to 12:30
Plaza Mayor - Gran Salon 1+2

Ambar Amleh, program director for Palestine for a New Beginning; Angelo Burgazzi, president of Accede co-working space and incubator; and Christopher Schroeder, author of Startup Rising, joined GEN President Jonathan Ortmans to discuss the role of entrepreneurship during conflict and post-conflict peace processes. 

Colombia is working toward a peace deal in the country, thus the panel on entrepreneurship and the peace process was relevant and applicable to current situations in the country. Amleh, Burgazzi and Schroeder discussed their own experiencces working and speaking with entrepreneurs in high-conflict areas, and how entrepreneurship can be a great unifer -- bridging conflict gaps with job creation, investment opportunities and successful ventures. 

Amleh, who works to help Palestinian entrepreneurs with their ventures, recounted her experience working with founders in Gaza who held onto the business tightly and continued to show up to work every day even with the threat of bombings. She said there is so much hope in the entrepreneurs in Palestine to succeed and make a difference. 

Burgazzi, who is also a Venezuelan entrepreneur, notes that in the case of his country's main need is located in transcending welfarism that has prevailed in recent governments to restore people's confidence that ideas have an impact on social development.

The panel focused on the great potential for entrepreneurship to be embraed by both the private and public sector in various countries who are amidst conflict situations -- to help resolve issues and help provide social and economic stability. 

Jonathan Ortmans
Global Entrepreneurship Network

United States

Speaker Bios: 
Christopher Schroeder
Startup Rising

United States

Ambar Amleh
Ibtikar Fund

Palestinian Territory

Angelo Burgazzi