Wednesday, March 15
14:00 to 16:00
Sandton Convention Centre - Ballroom 2 Level 2

Kelly Shaver's PPT:

“What is it that leads people to become entrepreneurs? What is the mindset that results in successful entrepreneurial action?”

Featuring the research team developing a pioneering study on the underlying elements of an entrepreneurial mindset from the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and MindCette, during this session, they will present an overview of how they are creating a robust, evidenced-based methodology for measuring entrepreneurial mindset in a city, a region or a country.

The team is planning to present initial results and analysis from the initial, South African pilot phase of the Global Entrepreneurial Mindset Project.

Overseeing the project is Fredell Jacobs, the head of impact assurance at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. He will be joined by the two principal investigators: academic lead Professor Kelly Shaver, who is the founder of MindCette – a management consulting services organization that uses data-based dimensions to provide individualized entrepreneurial profiles – and Immanuel Commarmond, a special adviser to the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

The Project is intended to serve the entrepreneurship community by achieving the following outcomes:

  • Building a shared understanding of entrepreneurial mindset
  • Introducing a data-based system for assessing entrepreneurial mindset development
  • Revealing new insight about entrepreneurial mindset
  • Creating an objective, quantifiable methodology for measuring progress over time
  • Providing an evidence-based framework for developing recommendations for developing new policies and programs
  • Increasing entrepreneurial action around the world.


Fredell Jacobs
Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

South Africa

Philip Auerswald
Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN)

United States

Speaker Bios: 
Selim Lee
Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation

South Korea

Kelly G. Shaver
College of Charleston; MindCette, LLC

United States

Immanuel Commarmond
Mindstate - Set for Growth

South Africa

Fredell Jacobs
Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

South Africa

Johannes Lindner
Initiative for Teaching Entrepreneurship Austria / eesi of BMB / KPH Vienna&Krems


Moonsun Kim
Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation

South Korea

Ivan Abraham Sandjaja
Ciputra Foundation