Tuesday, March 14
14:00 to 14:50
Sandton Convention Centre - Ballroom 2 Level 2

Alesimo Mwanga's PPT:

SEA Africa and Monash University

Entrepreneurs and innovators exist in all societies, but not all societies are equally welcoming of the disruptive changes they provoke. Individual entrepreneurs and innovators thus face three options: seek economic rents within the status quo; challenge the status quo through disruptive innovation; or leave the society altogether to seek an environment more welcoming of economic creativity. This session aims to discuss a pilot study that showcases insights of entrepreneurs originally from Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa operating in the United States and the United Kingdom. The panelists share their insights into the social and economic impact of African entrepreneurs that migrate outside the continent into advanced countries.


Speaker Bios: 
Wale Ayeni
Venture Capital at the International Finance Corporation (World Bank)

United States

Charles Sekwalor

United Kingdom

Bola Lawal
Scholarx Inc.

United States

Kanini Mutooni
Global Innovation Fund


Alesimo Mwanga
SEA Africa

South Africa