Wednesday, March 16
10:15 to 10:50
Plaza Mayor - Gran Salon

In this panel the issue of disruption was discussed and how this may affect the industry. Disruption comes from people who imagine things from scratch, they are people who think freely, reinvent themselves intellectually, look at the world for ideas, to be pioneers and bring proposals from one industry to another.

In general, the speakers, Jeff Hoffman and William Shaw, talked about their personal history as entrepreneurs and industry disruptors, and how to make a successful business disruption. Jeff Hoffman has been a disruptor of processes in the aviation industry through the implementation of printing module check ins at airports; the speaker also redefined the way to shop in the hotel industry with the creation of websites such as

Another guest was William Shaw, founder of the airline Viva Colombia, who as an entrepreneur wondered how to fly cheap and how to bring Colombian culture to airlines. Shaw says that we must find a different way of doing things as they have always done; "Stay away from those who say you can not do ... the real failure is not to fail, but it is to not try."



Speaker Bios: 
William Shaw


Jeff Hoffman
ColorJar LLC

United States