Wednesday, March 16
14:30 to 16:30
Plaza Mayor - Gran Salon 3

The Director General of Amway opened the Colombia AGER Report session, and emphasized the importance of understanding entrepreneurhsip holistically, as a philosophy of life, and as a value to develope at different levels, where love an dpassion are inherent aspects to the entrepreneurial spirit. 

The second part of the session inlcuded the presentation of the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report, and was followed by a panel disucssion. This is the sixth year for the AGER report by Amway. In the report, 90 percent of Colombia says they have a positive attitutde toward entrepreneurship, with the most appealing aspect of the space that motivates a person to start a business is about becoming their own boss. For Colombians, the report showed that they have a fear of failure -- including the threat of an economic crisis, high financial charges, as these are seen as as major obstacles to the creation of a company. 

Panel discussion topics included Amways' interest in participating in a study of entrepreneurship globally, the importance of generating tax incentive initiatives to motivate entrepreneurs, recommendations for enterprises mentioned in the current context, values and characteristics of an entrepreneurial spirit, and the importance of an ecosystem supported by universities, companies and public entities to support entrepreneurial projects.