Tuesday, March 15
09:15 to 10:00
Plaza Mayor - Gran Salon

Jerry Michalski, founder of REX, reflected on market methodologies around trust and cooperation. His presentation talked about how initiatlly, society went from trade expansion and market consolidation in many parts of the world, to then using marketing methods that became the language of war. The messages were addressed increasingly to ideas like capitalism, mistrust, politics and consumption. The market has been responsible for creating systems based on distrust pursuing effectiveness. "Do we know what trust means?" asked Michalski at the start of the panel.

Michalski invited the public to ask: How does the consumer consume? Does the word consume not seem violent?  Can we change the language in which we address strategies, and that this in turn, contributes to the transformation of consumerism?

Wikipedia is an examaple of a website that allows people to have a real interaction between the consumer and the site owners. Its operation allows editing of content and integration of knolwedge collaboratively between the site and users. This is an example of how you can integrate a good deal of trust with people when studies brand users and through communication exercises. If plans based on trust and methodoliges are designed, you can ensure that you are creating something different, engaging in dialogue with people, and creating allies or clients in a cooperative consumer. 

It is important that companies understand that trust is a new type of added value, and what Jerry Michalski highlighted in his presentation is the the need to change the DNA of companies and market methodologies, including such methods of cooperation and P2P, even taking examples of cooperation of non-Western cultures and systems shaping society. Therefore, it is urgent to pass humanized machining market, because it is the only way to improve the commons and public goods.



Speaker Bios: 
Jerry Michalski

United States